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“All the Polite Words” is here

We’re so giddy. It’s finally here. It’s been long road of writing, performing, tweaking, producing, recording, and shooting for this song. We’re so excited for you to hear it.

This song was written in 2020, at the start of the pandemic. Shayne had sent BJ a Regina Spektor song, and he promised he’d write her a Regina-type song. The result was the lyric to “All the Polite Words”.

BJ workshopped an early version of the song at the Orlando Songwriter Workshop, a group of talented musicians who provided amazing feedback for the song.

When we got around to recording, Shayne tweaked the melodies into where the song is now, and Kenny provided the laid-back percussion for the version we play live.

Two years later, and we finally record the song at Castle Door Studios in Winter Park, FL. It was recorded by our friend and musical genius Zach Cabral, who also mixed and mastered the song. Zach had previous mastered our previous releases, “Ornaments”, and “Run Out the Clock”.

Maybe the primary reason we recorded at Castle Door was for this sweet photo.

Zach wasn’t the only genius involved in the song. On the piano is perpetual prodigy JP Foronda and on bass is Mikey McCabe, two musicians whom the band had met.

The cover art was done by Jace Caparas. He took BJ’s initial concept and turned it into something mind-blowing, and absolutely gorgeous.

We are so thankful to all our collaborators on this song. They took our initial ideas and made them something bigger than we could ever anticipate. The song is a gem because of all of them.

Please give this song a listen. We guarantee you’ll love it.

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