Pop Up Choir

Event Details

Paskuhan Christmas Night Market
December 9, 2023 5-9:30pm
Kaya Orlando
618 N Thornton Ave, Orlando FL 32803

Choir time: 7pm
In front of the music tent


Sheet Music

Lyric Sheet

Guide Tracks



Pronunciation Guide

What’s A Pop-Up Choir?

  • It’s a temporary singing group that forms, rehearses, and performs within a very short timeframe. In this case, during the Paskuhan Christmas Night Market!
  • Everyone is invited! No matter what your singing experience is. Expect to make some new friends that night!
  • Our song is in Tagalog, but even for non-speakers we’ve provided a pronunciation guide and translation of the lyrics to get you into the spirit!

Minutes & Seconds has been playing live music for Kaya since they did their first market in July 2022. And anyone who’s ever been to Wednesday Karaoke Night at Kaya knows that they’re the biggest fans of getting everyone to sing.

The pop-up choir is another perfect opportunity to gather and create that sense of spontaneous community. And what better time to do it than during the Holidays!

What To Expect When You’re Pop-up Choiring:

Before the Night Market

  1. Pick a voice to sing: Melody or Harmony.
  2. Download the sheet music and study the guide tracks we’ve provided.
  3. Study up! We’ve arranged the song to make it that perfect balance of easy / challenging.

At the Night Market (December 9)

  1. Bring your sheet music (you can load it on your phone or tablet, but we’ll also provide printouts on the day!)
  2. Enjoy your time at the market!
  3. (Exact time TBD) We’ll announce when it’s time to gather by the stage.
  4. We’ll group ourselves into Melody and Harmony.
  5. We’ll rehearse our parts.
  6. We’ll perform the song once, but we’ll ask everyone to put their phones away so we can work out any kinks.
  7. We’ll perform the song a second time. This time we’ll allow filming!


Stick around after the choir performance! We’ll be doing some karoling right on the spot! Lyrics here.

About The Song

“Pasko Na, Sinta Ko” is a song by Filipino artist Gary Valenciano. Released in 1986, it’s a favorite romantic Christmas song and a staple of the season. It’s a song about longing for a loved one who isn’t there for the holidays.