Dec. 18 – The Ornaments Show! (And fundraiser!)

To celebrate the holidays, to shake off the year that’s been (and really … what a year), and to spread some good cheer, we’re trying out something new for our last live stream of the year!

We’re hosting a fundraiser!

Proceeds from the fundraiser will go to The Anawim Inc., who is helping to rebuild homes for families in the Philippines affected by the recent typhoons.

You can donate during the concert or in advance to:$MinutesAndSeconds

Zelle –


About The Typhoons in the Philippines

From The Anawim Inc. Website:

“The poor families of The Anawim in Camarines Sur [Bicol Region, Luzon, Philippines] were recently devastated by Super Typhoon Rolly. Your kindness and generosity can help us rebuild their homes to shelter them from the cold, sun and rain.”

“Our goal is to raise funds so we may rebuild their homes by providing corrugated roof sheets (5 sheets per family costing P4000) to at least shelter them from the cold, sun and rain.”

“An appeal for your generous donations to help about 100 Anawim families whose houses were totally destroyed or severely damaged by the recent Super Typhoon Rolly in the Bicol region.”

From The Anawim Inc. website
From The Anawim Inc. website

More info can be found here:

Why The Anawim Inc.

We chose The Anawim Inc., as a thank you to Dr. G and Liza, AKA Dr. Patrick Gonzales and his wife Liza. Not only are they the founders of The Anawim, Inc., but they also started the family practice, Southwest Orlando Family Medicine, P.L.

The practice is absolutely instrumental to our origin story. It’s where BJ’s wife met Kenny and introduced the two, and it’s where Kenny “discovered” Shayne. Not only that, Dr. G and Liza are some of Minutes & Seconds’ biggest fans, supporting us at every turn, allowing us to even play for their staff during special occasions.

Dr. G and Liza have an amazing heart for anyone they encounter.

Also, the most good can be done by the people with the biggest hearts, and there are none bigger than them. 

More info about The Anawim Inc. can be found here:

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